Pre-Kindergarten Goals

Goals for the Pre-Kindergarten Class

Social Skills – Children will further develop their ability to interact with their teachers and peers through:

      - Participation in group activities

      - Adjusting to classroom routines and following directions

      - Developing independence, self-confidence and self-efficacy

      - Learning to play well and empathizing with others

      - Developing conflict resolution skills

      - Understanding appropriate behavior and social cues

Cognitive and Language Skills – Children will enhance their listening and speaking skills as well as pre-reading and writing abilities including:

      - Conversing, group discussions and literacy

      - Enhancing vocabulary to include sight words and improving sentence structure

      - Sharing ideas and asking inquisitive questions

      - Predicting and retelling story sequences

      - Phonics skills including letter and sound recognition

      - Phonemic awareness

      - Developing early writing skills using letters and letter-like symbols

Mathematical Skills - Children will learn age-appropriate mathematical and problem-solving skills including:

      - Counting and quantifying

      - Basic understanding of addition and subtraction

      - Recognizing, sequencing and creating patterns

      - Sorting and ordering geometric shapes and objects

      - Understanding and implementing positional words

      - Measurement and comparison

      - Comprehending the concepts of time including seasons, months and days of the year

Scientific Thinking - Children are encouraged to learn about their environment through observation, asking questions, and drawing conclusions through activities such as:

      - Observing life cycles

      - Planting and gardening

      - Caring for and maintaining animals and aquatic life

      - Experimentation with various materials

      - Predicting and recording information using drawing, maps and charts

Judaic Studies – A positive Jewish identity and familiarity with Jewish celebrations and traditions will be cultivated through:

      - Celebrating and learning about Shabbat and Jewish Holidays

      - Reciting Jewish prayers

      - Familiarization with Biblical stories, Biblical characters and ritual objects

      - Learning the meaning of tzedakah (charity), derech eretz (how to treat others) and other mitzvot

      - Developing their Hebrew vocabularies and learning the Hebrew alphabet

Arts - Children will gain appreciation for the arts through:

      - Using art to express their imagination and creativity

      - Incorporating music into their classroom routines

      - Experimenting with various art materials

      - Exploring sensory and gross motor activities

Physical Skills - Children will develop fine and gross motor skills through age-appropriate activities and play such as:

      - Water and dramatic play

      - Dancing to music

      - Gym activities and games with assorted sports equipment


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