Learning Ladder Staff

“To teach is to learn twice”

The Learning Ladder provides a warm, nurturing, and intellectually stimulating environment for our children. Our staff members have been carefully selected and are extremely knowledgeable in child care and early childhood education. To ensure the highest level of educational opportunity for our children, each of our faculty members have a Bachelor’s degree and/or certification in Early Childhood Education and Infant Development. All of our staff members have completed CPR and First Aid courses, and continuously attend educational courses and workshops to ensure that they are up to date on the latest child safety measures and practices. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring each child’s safety and wellbeing as well as their individualized growth and development.

Faculty members are always available to discuss each child’s educational, emotional and developmental skills and achievements. Learning Ladder staff encourage children to express themselves and respond appropriately to the individual needs of each child.

Learning Ladder Faculty

AIleen Friedman

Sara Flechner
Assistant Director

Beverly Byfield

Tonya Christian

Beth David

Regina Eisenberg

Leigh Forbes

Jasmine Glover

Michele Kremer

Hayley Nelson

Rachel Pototsky

Kory Silverman

Nasrin Simon


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